Immigration and causes

Workshop von Corasol

Freitag 10.06.2016/ 19 Uhr/ Werkschule, Buch

Cameroon is a State of Central Africa, which shares borders with Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, Central African Republic etc. It is a country rich in resources, with an unchanged government for over 33 years. This is where’s the key of the problem, because the state holds all the wealth of the country, while the public suffers from poverty and desolation.  Thus the young people, the most affected by unemployment and poverty, are called to engage in delinquency and organized crime. Nigeria, very rich in resources but with a poorly run government, is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Damaged from the attacks of the terrorist group Boko Haram, the path of life is full of violence, suffering and disease. Germany and asyl: The asylum seeker is often sent to distant cities, where the population is not welcoming and extremely racist. In the shelters there are small rooms shared by many refugees, there are no means of distraction or integration and the stress of risking deportation by surprise at 3 am without any information.

Corasol – Contre le racisme – Show Solidarity
ist eine Gruppe von Menschen mit und ohne Aufenthaltsstatus, mit und ohne Flucht-/ Migrationserfahrung, die durch strukturell-politische Arbeit und gegenseitige Unterstützung versuchen, gegen Rassismen und weiße Dominanz in der Gesellschaft anzukämpfen. Konkret organisierten wir den Antira-Einkauf in Hennigsdorf, die monatliche Friedel-Vokü mit Informationsveranstaltungen zu Antira-Themen und machen kleine öffentliche Aktionen. Außerdem kooperieren wir mit unterschiedlichen antirassistischen Gruppen in Berlin und Brandenburg.