Who we are

In 2006, we got together as an initiative group establishing a wide range of cultural activities which are committed to both political and noncommercial contents. We oppose to the understanding of culture being mere entertainment without individual and creative possibilities. With these aims in mind the organization of the first festival according to the motto “Open Air for Open Minds” began. Since the first festival in 2007, VOSIFA provides a platform of alternative culture and political education for everyone. Besides two days of manifold music, there is a diverse range of workshops, informative panels as well as different highlights such as theater or dance performances. The whole event shall take place in an atmosphere of anti-discrimination where nobody is excluded.

No less important than the cultural aspects is the fact that we are organized in an independent way which allows us to translate our own ideas into action. As we want everyone to be equal, we try to work without hierarchies. Within the group every person has the chance to express his or her opinion freely and no one dominates over others. Indeed, it sounds utopian, but it is worth a try and by now, it does work.

Another important part of our work is political education, because we are of the opinion that one has to be conscious of one’s own position in society in order to reform and to improve something. For this reason, we prepare various free information sessions and workshops aiming at both informing and encouraging discussions.

If you would like to support or join our project, please write to info@vosifa.de or just come to our festival next summer!